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Sonic Tattoos, 8-pc

Sonic Tattoos, 8-pc

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Show off some fun and kid-friendly body art with our Sonic tattoo sheets. Each sheet has 8 Sonic temporary tattoos. Simply cut out each tattoo then apply to skin on hands, arms, feet, ankles, or legs with a damp paper towel for a quick and easy party activity. When the party's over, they can be easily washed off with regular soap and water or a little bit of rubbing alcohol. These temporary tattoo sheets would also make excellent party favors or pinata filler at your child's toy story birthday party.

  • Package includes : 8 multicolor sonic tattoos 
  • This tattoo will add some festive aura to your style for the occasion.
  • This is great with your themed parties, events, celebrations, and other affairs.
  • This is made with high quality material and presented with its artistic style.
  • This is designed with festive vibe yet can be easily removed.
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