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White Curling Ribbon, 500 yd

White Curling Ribbon, 500 yd

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Bring some decorative flair to any celebration with the help of this roll of White Curling Ribbon. With 500 yards of crisp white plastic ribbon on the roll, there's more than enough to jazz up any number of special events, from a baby shower, to a bridal shower, to a wedding. Cut this ribbon to the desired length, and then use it to tie down balloons, or to tie together a magnificent balloon bouquet. You could also try using this white ribbon to hold together a wrapped gift for a special someone, or to fasten the tops of goodie bags shut.

  • 1 Roll of White Curling Ribbon
  • White Balloon Ribbon measures 500 yards long
  • Excellent for any birthday party, engagement party, or holiday party
  • Use to wrap up presents, tie down balloons, or fasten goodie bags shut
  • Coordinate with other white party supplies from Party Planet
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